Jewel Changi Airport's Super Mario-Themed Holiday Extravaganza

November 20, 2023

This holiday season, Jewel Changi Airport transforms into a magical Super Mario wonderland, promising an unforgettable experience for visitors and Nintendo fans alike. The special event, titled 'Pipe Around the World at Jewel,' will run until January 1, offering an immersive Mario-themed environment.

Super Mario Landscape

The airport has been creatively adorned with 56 pipes echoing the iconic game's environment. Fans will have the opportunity for exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with Mario and Luigi, adding to the excitement​​.

Exclusive Merchandise

In addition to the themed decorations, the event also features a Nintendo Pop-Up Store. Visitors can purchase exclusive merchandise from beloved games like Super Mario and Animal Crossing. Furthermore, spending $50 at the event entitles shoppers to premium items like a cushion-neck pillow combo, a travel organizer, a canvas bag, and a travel pouch​​.

Christmas Decor and Festivities

Beyond the Mario-themed attractions, the airport is adorned with Christmas decorations, including a stunning 16-meter-tall Christmas tree. Themed light shows at the HSBC Rain Vortex add to the festive atmosphere, creating a perfect holiday setting​​.

Evening of Enchantment Concert

The holiday cheer continues with a ticketed concert on December 23. Featuring local artists Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee, the ‘Evening of Enchantment’ concert is set to amplify the festive spirit. Tickets are available online for S$36, adding a musical dimension to the Super Mario-themed holiday celebrations​​.

This event at Jewel Changi Airport offers a delightful blend of gaming nostalgia and holiday festivities, ensuring visitors a unique and memorable holiday experience.

Jewel Changi Airport


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