Bird Paradise Singapore: A New Avian Adventure Awaits

November 20, 2023

Singapore's Bird Paradise, the successor to the iconic Jurong Bird Park, celebrated its grand opening on November 15, 2024. This milestone event not only pays homage to its predecessor but also elevates the experience to an unprecedented level. The opening festivities were marked by discounted admission tickets, special activities, and the unveiling of unique attractions.

Discounted Tickets for Early Birds

From November 15 to December 17, 2024, Singapore residents can enjoy a 30% discount on tickets, a perk exclusively available to WildPass holders of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve's digital program. This offer includes both adult and children tickets, making it a family-friendly affair​​.

Glamping with Penguins

A highlight of Bird Paradise is the "glamping" experience with penguins. This luxury camping opportunity offers an intimate encounter with wildlife, combining comfort with an outdoor adventure. Priced at S$1,699 per tent, this unique experience includes activities such as reserved seating for the "Wings of the World" presentation, a meet-and-greet with a mystery animal, dinner, and a southern lights showcase​​.

Behind-the-Scenes at the Breeding and Research Centre

Bird Paradise also opened a new Breeding and Research Centre, featuring species of high conservation value. Visitors get an exclusive look into the care and nurturing of various bird species, including the opportunity to see chicks being hand-raised​​.

Commemorative Stamps for Avian Enthusiasts

In collaboration with SingPost, a limited-edition commemorative stamp set was released, featuring threatened species like the Negros Bleeding-heart Dove, the Philippine Eagle, and the Knobbed Hornbill. The stamp collection also celebrates the park's iconic aviaries, such as the Hong Leong Foundation Crimson Wetlands and the Kuok Group Wings of Asia​​.

Bird Paradise Singapore promises an immersive and educational journey into the world of avians, making it a must-visit destination for bird lovers and families alike.

Bird Paradise

20 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729825


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